Are we depending too much on China to rescue the global economy? (Jan 29, 2023)
China's reopening might take longer, and could be costly
A 21st century monetary standard should be based on energy, not metals. And if you think that central banks won't someday hold crypto as an asset, think…
The Queen asked economists some tough questions about the Global Financial Crisis. Do we have the answers?
Out with the Old, in with the New (Regional) World Order - With Shannon O'NeilListen now (46 min) | The Hale Report Episode 39
Demonization and its economic consequences, and a peek ahead to the 118th Congress
The Order is Rapidly Fading - With Karim PakravanListen now | Hale Report Podcast Episode 38
On Election Day, a Refreshingly Optimistic View of US Prospects with Ali WyneListen now (65 min) | The Hale Report Podcast - Episode 37
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