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Richard Katz with Eleanor Shiori Hughes: The Hale Report Ep. 54

Richard Katz with Eleanor Shiori Hughes: The Hale Report Ep. 54

A New Generation of Innovation in Japan

Welcome to the 54th episode of the Hale Report podcast. EconVue, based in Chicago, is a home for independent voices and expert analysis of critical global economic issues. My name is Lyric Hughes Hale and I am Editor-in-Chief.

My last podcast with defense expert Stephen Bryen was brutally pessimistic, but in light of recent events, rightly so. This latest podcast is an optimistic take on the future of innovation in Japan and its next generation of entrepreneurs—so it seemed appropriate for a young Japan expert to interview my friend and author Richard Katz. I think you will agree their lively discussion was both enlightening and thought—provoking.

My guest host for this episode is Eleanor Shiori Hughes who interviews Rick Katz about his new book, The Contest for Japan’s Economic Future (Oxford University Press) which has been getting a lot of attention in Tokyo. After years of negativity, Rick sees the potential for a new age of innovation in Japan.

He serves as Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, as well as a special correspondent for Weekly Toyo Keizai. His Substack blog Japan Economy Watch has thousands of subscribers. His writing has been featured in Foreign Affairs, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times, among others.  Rick is no stranger to the Hale Report, appearing in a debate on the Japanese economy with John Greenwood in 2022, and in Episode 21 in 2021.

Questions / Topics in this Episode

  • Why is Japanese innovation poised to take off?

  • Prime Minister Kishida’s official visit to Washington

  • Acquisition of US Steel by Nippon Steel

  • Japan’s role in chip production and the new TSMC plant in Kumamoto Prefecture

  • Japan, China and the Pacific Islands

  • A new web of trade and defense dependencies in the Indo-Pacific.

About Our Guest Host: Eleanor Shiori Hughes

Eleanor Hughes is someone I have known her whole life, and I think someone you should get to know too, as a rising star in foreign policy circles. She is currently a researcher working in Washington specializing in Indo-Pacific security and geoeconomics, and is a nonresident fellow at EconVue. Eleanor holds a MA in Asian Studies from Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service and speaks Japanese. She has contributed to a range of publications, and has previously worked for the Asia Group, ASPI, and CSIS.

Next Week:

I am headed to Washington this week for the World Bank/IMF meetings, as well as the Bretton Woods Committee. I hope to see many friends from around the world and around the country. Given current global uncertainties, the Spring Meetings could not be more timely. I look forward to updating our subscribers in my next EconVue+ newsletter.

Many thanks to Eleanor for hosting this episode, to Rick for being a wonderful guest once again, and to our indefatigable producer and editor Sam Fu.

With all best wishes,

Lyric Hughes Hale

Editor, EconVue+

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