Aug 5, 2021 • 48M

The Hale Podcast Episode 17 - with Joe Atikian July 14 2021

EconVue editor-in-chief Lyric Hughes Hale interviews Joe Atikian about his new book, Autonomous, The Coming Crash of Self-Driving Cars.

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Lyric Hughes Hale
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Joe Atikian is a Toronto-based author who writes about economics and technology.  He has broad experience in the electric utilities and automotive industries, in engineering, design, development, and management. Joe has written about global and regional transitions that have technological, economic, and political implications. This expertly informs his book, and in this podcast he explains the many reasons why self-driving vehicles are not just around the corner.

It was a pleasure talking with Joe about his views on the limits of automotive technology, policy, and even the weather, and how all of these factors together mean that the dream of truly autonomous vehicles will remain a dream for a very long time. Something I had suspected, but his books puts all these pieces together. The bigger story here is how difficult it is for any new technology to get traction.