What is EconVue?

Economics is more than an endless stream of data accompanied by questionable predictions. It is a way of thinking, a way of making sense of what is happening in the world today. It is hard to understand how something so useful and illuminating has become so dry and unapproachable for so many. It doesn’t have to be that way.

EconVue offers an alternative to traditional financial media that is clarifying in a turbulent world, and at the same time enjoyable to read. Our contributors have two things in common. They live and breathe their subjects of expertise, and they are very good at communicating what they know. They are not swayed by the news of the day, and take the long view of geoeconomic trends.

Our podcast, The Hale Report hosted by our editor-in-chief Lyric Hughes Hale, also takes this approach. Our guests explain how they first began to be interested in the field that became their life’s work, and what they believe people need to know today. We think you will enjoy getting to know them and our regular contributors.

Come and explore the world of economics with us—but not economics narrowly defined. In Greek, the word means governance of the household. It is really about how the world matters to our daily lives. At EconVue, we hope to share highly credible information that you haven’t heard before, and give you a new framework to analyze both risks and opportunities. We will never tell you what to think. Instead we offer the tools you need to make up your own mind.

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  • The Hale Report podcast first launched in 2019 and is produced in Chicago. It is recorded twice monthly.

Our History

Many of our experts first came together as contributors in a book co-authored by David Hale and Lyric Hughes Hale in 2011. The idea for a platform for independent thinkers and expert analysis began with “What’s Next: Unconventional Wisdom on the Future of the World Economy” published by Yale University Press.

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EconVue depends upon readers and listeners to support our efforts to provide objective geoeconomic news and analysis. We offer three levels of engagement for both individuals and organizations— subscriptions, sponsorship, and annual supporters. This allows us to pay our operating costs, and expand our content offerings.

Since 2012, EconVue has illuminated trending global economic issues, from geopolitical tensions to trade, energy, and finance. We often take a contrarian view, with a special focus on technology and the Chinese economy. EconVue content is posted on Substack, a highly respected platform for writers and podcasters with 20 million active subscribers. For more details about our company, our website can be found here.


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The Hale Report podcast is hosted by Lyric Hughes Hale and is produced in Chicago, generally twice per month. Guests include recognized experts in their fields, and is free to all listeners on a variety of platforms. Our goal is to bring new viewpoints, perspectives, and expertise to a select group of highly influential listeners.

Podcast FAQ’s:

·      54 episodes to date with a wide range of well-known guests who share their expertise during an in-depth discussion with our host.

·      Podcasts are professionally edited, not broadcast live, and last about 60 minutes on average.

·      Our direct audience is 2500+ investment professionals, policy and business leaders who subscribe to EconVue via Substack.  In addition, the Hale Report can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple podcasts.

For additional information about becoming an annual supporter or sponsoring a podcast, please contact econVue Editor-in-Chief Lyric Hughes Hale: LYRIC@ECONVUE.COM

Contact Us

Our Editor-in-Chief

LYRIC HUGHES HALE serves as Editor-in-Chief of Econvue, which publishes a newsletter, econVue+. She hosts The Hale Report, a podcast series on global economics. She is Director of Research at Hale Strategic in Chicago. Her writin g focuses primarily on China and Asia, with a special emphasis on economics, science & technology, and the media.

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Her interest in economics began in 1998, when she founded China Online, a pathbreaking publication which provided China business news in English on the web.  China Takes Off, published in Foreign Affairs in 2003 and written jointly with her husband, economist David Hale, is one of the most oft cited and seminal articles on China’s economic ascendency.  They also co-authored “What’s Next? Unconventional Wisdom on the Future of the World Economy” published in 2011 by Yale University Press.

She first went to China in 1979 as a member of a delegation from the State of Illinois, when she asked to visit the local Chinese newspaper. In time, as China began to accept advertising from foreign firms, this led to Ms Hale being named US advertising representative for more than three hundred Chinese media companies, including the People’s Daily and China Central Television. Ms Hale bought the rights and produced the first telecast of the Super Bowl in China in 1986, the largest single audience for the game in its history.

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, Ms. Hale served as CEO of TLI/Hughes International. The company developed and helped to execute initial China market entry strategies for technology-focused companies such as Microsoft, Motorola, AT&T, and Apple Computer. During that time, she co-founded Women in International Trade, now a worldwide organization, to help entry-level women pursue careers in global business. She was named as one of the “25 Women of Small Business” by FORTUNE Magazine.

Ms Hale has been a contributor to a range of publications, including the Financial Times, Current History, Institutional Investor, and the International Economy. She has addressed audiences at the World Economic Forum, the Brookings Institution, the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Ms Hale attended Northwestern University and graduated from the University of Chicago, majoring in Persian studies. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Association for Asian Studies, American Economic Association, and Bretton Woods Committee. She serves on the board of  Australian-American Leadership Dialogue, . She is mother to a blended family of five children, grandmother of two, and lives in a Japanese-style house in Chicago.